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Tips for Cleaning Entrance Floor Mats

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The average American cleaning expert estimates that effective matting will save 200 hours of labor per year. However, it is important to clean your floor mats now and again if you want them to be effective. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States, it has become more important to have entrance mats to protect schools, offices, and healthcare facilities.

How can you keep your entrance mats sparkling clean?

To remove the buildup of dirt, grit, or debris in your mats pile, we have provided 6 helpful tips.

Tips to Keep Your Entry Mats Clean

1 – Washing Machine

Two options are available formats that are washable. You can either machine wash your mat in a domestic or industrial washing machine, or hose it dry. This option is the most practical, the easiest, and also the cheapest.

It is important to double-check the wash ability of your entrance mat with the supplier or refer to the cleaning instruction.

2 – Vacuum Cleaners – Wet and Dry

Make sure to check with your supplier if the product can be washed. This is a cleaner that may be more suitable for commercial or industrial areas. However, you can still use your cleaner at home. These cleaners are equipped with powerful motors that collect and remove most of the dirt and other debris. Then they dry the carpeted pile and then wash it.

3 – Carpet cleaner

This is a product most businesses have on-site, and may even be used by some families. The carpet cleaner can deep clean the carpet and extract dirt. The carpet cleaner is similar to tip 2: It provides a thorough wet pick-up and drying of your mat, making it ideal for indoor entrance mats.

4 – Vacuum

If you have low to moderate foot traffic, a daily vacuum will be sufficient for your mats. You will need to clean more thoroughly in areas that see heavy foot traffic.

5 – Damp Cloth Mop or Wash

This tip works best for rubber tiles, especially if they are in bars or kitchens. The mats can be wiped down with a damp cloth or mop when they are being cleaned daily. You should check with your supplier about what chemicals are allowed and whether they won’t cause damage to the rubber. As tip 1, you can take the items outside, hose them down, and hang them to dry. This is similar to the mop/ damp cloth.

6 – Shake the Mat

This tip is for daily maintenance. It works well for areas with little foot traffic. It works well with tip 4. A quick vacuum, once the mat is shaken, will give it a fresh coat of paint and keep the pile looking fuller. Shake your mat well from your entrance area.

These six tips will assist you in maintaining your entrance mats so they make a great impression on all your visitors.

Cleaning Entrance Mats for Homes

It is possible to put domestic entrance mats into your washing machine. But, if the mat’s weight isn’t checked and it is too heavy, your washer could get damaged, especially if it is a runner mat of extremely long dimensions.

WaterHog Silver Entrance Mats are a very popular mat for your home that can be easily washed. The practical mat comes in sizes that will fit most households’ washing machines and doors. It is also 100% cotton, so it will last longer than a towel. They can usually be tumble dried so they can be put in your tumble dryer.

It’s safe and easy to avoid washing machine machines. You can simply dry your mat on a dry day by drying it with a hose.

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