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How to Maximize the Health Benefits of CBD

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It is an all-too-common problem that we hear about. People pay a lot for CBD oil and expect immediate results. However, after a few hours, they don’t feel any difference.

Was this really what happened? Was the product a scam? Did the product work? Did the product even contain CBD?

All of these possibilities are possible, given the unregulated nature of the CBD market. According to a recent scientific investigation, up to 70% of CBD oils and other CBD products online were mislabeled as to the amount of CBD listed on the bottles.

But before you start blaming the company, don’t forget that CBD can be tricky to deliver to the cells. This article will talk about how to increase your CBD uptake. The ultimate goal is to maximize the medicinal effects of the cannabis-based compound.

These are tips and tricks that can help you increase CBD’s effectiveness.

1. Please refer to the instructions.

We know this sounds obvious. We apologize for insulting your intelligence. Please, however, read the dosage instructions before you start to consume your CBD.

This is especially important when you’re taking CBD oil under your tongue. You need to hold the oil for at least 30 seconds before swallowing. The body has ample time to absorb CBD compounds from the sublingual region. This allows for the transport of CBD compounds to the various parts of the body through the bloodstream.

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It’s amazing to see how many people open the boxes, take a dropper of oil, and put it in their mouth. They then get upset when they don’t notice any effect. This is likely because the oil is simply “sliding down” the esophagus into the stomach, then down into the gut to be processed for urinary excretion. It is important to allow your body to absorb the active ingredient.

2. Look for full-spectrum CBD products (instead of pure CBD isolate).

This is an important tip to maximize the effects of CBD. Most experts agree that full spectrum tinctures are far more effective than CBD isolate.

You may be asking yourself what is meant by full-spectrum. Full-spectrum refers to all active cannabis compounds in the oil. This is not only the CBD. The plant is rich in hundreds of phytocannabinoids, as well dozens upon terpenes. Scientific studies have shown that cannabis’ therapeutic properties are more effective when they are all working together than when they are used individually.

3) Combine melatonin

This is a good tip to remember for those who are trying to use cannabis for sleep issues or insomnia.

The pineal gland secretes the natural hormone melatonin which is responsible for controlling the sleep-wake cycles. Several reputable companies have begun to combine CBD with melatonin in products such as nighttime CBD-infused sleep syrups. If you’ve tried CBD for helping with sleeping, this might be something worth considering.

4 Don’t forget about the regular weed’!

Okay, we don’t want you to get high. However, active compounds in marijuana (including CBD) are more effective when combined, as opposed to being isolated as CBD isolates.

THC has a bad reputation for being the drug that makes us high. However, it is likely to play a key role in all aspects of cannabis-based therapy.

The majority of legal hemp-based CBD oil products contain very little THC. If CBD hemp oil is not working for you, it might be worth trying whole-plant marijuana-based CBD oils.

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